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KHB Gin is extremely tasty. Our gin, like all our products, is made from scratch - authentic urban craftsmanship.  

Here are 8 herbs, some in the lead role, others in important supporting roles, and their interplay creates this unique flavor.


Warm, mellow. A clear hint of citrus fruit, embedded in the very light pine aroma of juniper. Taste A very fresh beginning, with lemon and lime-like tones. They pleasantly fizzle out to give way to the warmer nutty spices of liquorice and orris.


The juniper finnaly shows it's glory in the finish, which is expectionally long and slightly tingling.

With tonic

With tonic the juniper takes center stage, together with the rooty botanicals. It makes for an almost warming G&T, perfect for these evenings when you need something refreshing, but not ice cold.

Perfect serve: 1/3 Icelandic Gin 2/3 Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic 1 green grape (halved) 3 juniper berries

Bold variation : Add 6 pink peppercorns

Food pairing -Oven fresh warm bread with butter and a sprinkle of salt

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