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Classic and beautiful beers

We brew our beers according to Czech traditions and use Czech ingredients. All our beers are unpasteurized, without added sugar and without preservatives. We focus on classic, beautiful beers that give you an authentic beer experience.

            Steinbúi Pale Ale 4.5%

            Naddi dark lager4.7%

            Borghildur lager/pilsner 4.7%

            Borgildur LITE 4.2%

           Gellivör IPA 6.7%

           Jóla-Naddi dark lager 5.2%

           Snotra wheat beer 4,5%

           Kollur oktoberfest beer 5,1%

           Márín porter 6.4%

           Stúlka sour beer 4.7%

Beer on tap

The beer

A real beer experience

Our beers are connected to elves and ghost stories from Borgarfjörður eystri. There is nothing more fun than having a good beer and listening to fairy tales and ghosts stories.

Steinbúi  is light  Pale Ale . Steinbúi is a dwarf who lives in Stórasteinn and he loves good beer. Steinbúinn is short, step-short but all-bulky and chumpy. We dedicate this beer to him. The beer is light and refreshing, slightly bitter with aromatic tang of citrus hops. Just like he wants his beer.


Naddi is an amber lager . Naddi is a monster who lives in the Njarðvík screes and attacked passers-by. He was formidable in appearance, a human figure above the waist but an animal figure below. We dedicate this beer to Nadda. The beer is a classic dark lager, has a good filling and neat caramel touch, thick foam, bready and deep malt taste. The copper color reminds us of the monster and we need to be careful in the screes.

Borghildur is a light lager or pilsner. Borghildur is our elf queen who lives in Álfaborg with her court. We dedicate this beer to her, as the beer is a Premium lager brew by docoction from Czech floor barley malt. Tast is full body with nice pleasantly bitterness by famous Saaz hops. The light golden color is reminiscent of the elf gold that sparkles when the sun shines on Álfaborg.

Gellivör is a classic IPA . Gellivör is a great giantess and lived in Staðarfjall. She was considered a badass and often had her sister with her. We dedicate this beer to her, which is light electric gold in colour, rich in hops and nice and bitter. 3 hop species; Premiant, Citra and Mosaic.

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