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KHB Brugghús is located in one of the oldest houses in Borgarfjörður eystri, built in 1897 and the house has a long and remarkable commercial history. Bjarni Þorsteinsson, born in 1868 in Höfn in Borgarfjörður, built the house and Verslunarfjelag Bjarni Þorsteinssonar & co started operations in the summer and autumn of 1897. In addition to Bjarni, another owner was Jón Lúðvíksson, a shoemaker from Stöðvarfjörður. Louis Zöllner, a large merchant in Newcastle, and Jón Vídalín, a consul and entrepreneur, contributed working capital and were sponsors of the newly founded company.
The operation of a local store was difficult, there was hard competition from large foreign merchants and limited credit. Various owners did come and go through the years:
* 1897 - 1900: Verslunarfélag Bjarni Þorsteinssonar & co
* 1901 - 1907: Þorsteinn Jónsson's store
* 1907 - 1926: The store of Thor E. Tulinius 
* 1927 - 1929: Jón Stefánsson's store
* 1929 - 1967: Pöntunarfélag Borgarfjarðar / Kaupfélag Borgarfjarðar
* 1967 - 2015: Kaupfélag Héraðsbúi / Samkaup / Eyrin

* 2015: Blábjörg ehf. KHB Brugghús started operations in 2020.
KHB Brugghús bases its foundation on the building's past and the significant entrepreneurs who have operated there. Their diligence, bravery and respect for Borgarfjörður eystri is illustrative throughout the story and shines through our production.

The development of the building, Gamla Kaupfélag, is carried out in collaboration with The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland.

The production

We use modern and high quality distillation equipment from iStill in the Netherlands in the production of our strong drinks. This modern technology enables us to produce our craft beverages with precision and ensures the best possible quality.

The Icelandic Moonshine, Landi, is based on centuries-old Icelandic traditions and it is an honor to be able to recreate this remarkable drink that has such a long history and tradition. It was a forbidden drink that could not be obtained without knowing the right people. If you ask icelanders, everyone knows or knows of someone who has brewed moonshine, let alone talk about tasting it.

Our gin is a high quality drink with 8 herbs that together with our pure mountain water give a unique taste that plays with your taste buds.


The beer

A real beer experience

We were always interested in producing beautiful and good beers in our old house. We met Josef Krýsl, a great brewmaster and beer expert. Josef has extensive experience in this field. He worked for a long time as a master brewer for Pilsner Urquell in Plzen and then started working independently at his own brewery and restaurant. He also designs and sets up breweries all over the world. Josef designed all the equipment and installed it in Kaupfélagið. This is all handmade and the craftsmanship is beautiful.

We thank Josef for all he has done for us and will do our best to make him proud.

All the raw material we use comes from the Czech Republic and we are in collaboration with a small family company that produces the malt. It is important that the raw material is good and the malt-masters in Sladovna Bruntal can be trusted.

Our can machine comes from Wild Goose USA. When it comes to factory lines, the Americans are absolute masters in that regard. Wild Goose does not crack and ensures the quality of the beer all the way.


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